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Amanda Lamb (born 1972 in Leigh Park, Portsmouth, Hampshire),

Amanda is the presenter of the phenomenally successful A Place in the Sun for Channel 4, the programme continues to grow in strength with a new Millionaires special having aired in January and the new series due to go out at the beginning of January. Amanda recently filmed aseries of Jim'll Fix It! for UKTV.

Amanda also presented Hot Shots, a photography series for Discovery Real Time and was a participant on The Games for Channel 4.

Born in Portsmouth in a spot that is now the M27, Amanda was an estate agent for four years and then a model for six years. Amanda has appeared in commercials for companies as diverse as Gossard, Oil of Olay and Remington.

Formerly an estate agent, her favourite story is when she arrived at a house to show a prospective buyer around it - it was very untidy - with take-away cartons and dirty dishes everywhere - and so she tidied before showing it to her client. When she returned to the office she discovered that a different agent had sold the property two weeks previously.

Amanda was also the presenter of Twenty Best and Housetrapped in the Sun for Channel 4, one of the presenters of TV Mail for the BBC and other work includes Ideal Home for Channel 4 and Surprise Wedding for LWT. She writes a regular column for A Place in the Sun Magazine.

Amanda Lamb

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