Angie Dickinson NUDE

Date of Birth
30 September 1931, Kulm, North Dakota, USA

Angie Dickinson specialized in playing smart, sexy, tough-minded women, and is most famous as Sgt. 'Pepper' Anderson in the TV series Police Woman (1974-78). Her best-known movie role may be one of her earliest: as the plucky dance hall dame Feathers in Rio Bravo (1959) with John Wayne and Dean Martin. Her other films include The Killers (1964, with Ronald Reagan in his last feature role), Thief (1971, not the 1981 James Caan film of the same name) and Pay It Forward (2000, with Helen Hunt). She played Frank Sinatra's estranged wife in the heist spoof Ocean's Eleven (1960) and had a cameo in the 2001 remake, which featured Julia Roberts in Dickinson's old role.

Angie Dickinson

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