Anna Loos NUDE

18th of November In 1970, Brandenburg in the Havel, German Democratic Republic [now Federal Republic of Germany]

From 1996 to 1999 she(it) played repeatedly talk show guests in the talk show parody T.V. Emperor. To a bigger public Anna Loos became the Lissy Pütz in the WEST GERMAN RADIO by the roll(role) { Talk show} { WEST GERMAN RADIO} Scene confesses. To this success she(it) could fasten anatomy in 2000 by the representation of the little Gretes near Franka Potente in the German medicine thriller in which she(it) ends as a plastiniertes victim of film rascal Benno Fürmann. To wide viewers she(it) called to herself by both comedies infernal neighbors (1998) and infernal neighbors – Only women(wives) are more terrible (2000) in recollection in which she(it) supplied in each case a duel with Esther Schweins with herself.

In the contrast in addition dramas stand like quay Wessels The secret in the moorland as Sebastian Blomberg Jugendliebe and the scene as Sally Bowles in the Berlin musical stage setting of cabaret (2006) for which she(it) was praised by the criticism. In November, 2006 went Loos with the volume(tape) Silly on tour and started with it the succession of the singer Tamara Danz late in 1996. Previously she(it) had interpreted in anatomy the piece of micron Truth and together with quay raven against the Vatican killers had taken(accepted) the piece Who Wants To case Asleep Without A Lovers Kissing. { Silly} { Tamara Danz}

She(It) is married since 2004 with the actor Jan Josef Liefers and has with him two common daughters (2002 and *Februar in 2008). Among other things with him Loos was fixed for Horst Johann Sczerba Fernsehkomödie Halt me! before the camera for which she(it) received the special price of the telefilm festival of Baden-Baden together with Liefers and the colleague Jan Gregor Kremp. { Jan Josef Liefers}

Anna Loos

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