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Anne Lockhart (b. Anne Kathleen Maloney on September 6, 1953, in New York City) is an American actress, the daughter of actress June Lockhart and Dr. John F. Maloney. Anne's legal name was Anne Kathleen Maloney until her marriage, at which time she took the surname of her husband, Adam Carlyle Taylor. Professionally, she has chosen to use her mother's maiden name and has been known as Anne Lockhart throughout her long career.

Raised in California, she entered her mother's (June Lockhart) profession and began acting. She starred in the movie A Dog's Tale and has also had a number of notable guest appearances in classic television shows such as Airwolf, B.J. and the Bear, Knight Rider, and Quantum Leap. She is best known in her role as Lieutenant Sheba on Battlestar Galactica.

Anne also starred in the critically acclaimed film Lisa, Bright and Dark in 1973.

Anne was John Carpenter's first choice to play the role of main character Laurie (the role that launched Jamie Lee Curtis' acting career) in Halloween (1978). But Ms. Lockhart said she was too busy with television engagements.

In recent years, Lockhart has become a successful voice-over artist,a frequent guest star on episodic television as well as working in television commercials.

She married Adam C. Taylor (1966-94) in 1986, the son of actor Buck Taylor and grandson of actor Dub Taylor (1907-1994). In this marriage, she bore two children, Carly Taylor and Zane Taylor. Sadly, Adam Taylor was killed in an accident in 1994, and Anne became a widow. There is as yet no record of a remarriage for Anne.

Anne Lockhart

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