Caroline Langrishe NUDE

Caroline Langrishe (born 10 January 1958, London, England) is an English actress.

Her first big part was in the 1980 BBC Play for Today episode The Flipside of Dominick Hide, by Alan Gibson & Jeremy Paul. Hide, played by Peter Firth is a time traveller from 2130 who goes back to 1980 and ends up fathering his own great-grandfather by Jane (played by Langrishe).

She is best known for her role as Charlotte Cavendish in the BBC production Lovejoy. She is currently playing Georgina Channing alongside Martin Shaw in drama Judge John Deed. She has just recently joined BBC medical drama Casualty as executive director Marilyn Fox.

She married the actor Patrick Drury in London on November 15th, 1984, but they divorced in 1995 after having two daughters.

Caroline Langrishe

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