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Diane Youdale (born 13 February 1970 in Billingham), is an English television personality, who was best known for her role as "Jet" on the television series Gladiators.

Youdale competed in gymnast events and was North of England Junior Gymnastics Champion for four years. She acted with the National Youth Theatre. She studied dance at London Contemporary School for Dance and was a member of the National Youth Dance Company.
Youdale's first television appearance was in the series She-Wolf of London. She appeared on Gladiators from 1992 to 1996, leaving the show after hurting her back in a fall in an unaired show, meaning it was not part of the actual televised shows (her last being Season 4 in 1995). She was competing on the Pyramid and fell awkwardly as she tackled a Contender, trapping nerves in her neck. As a consequence of her injury, the Pyramid was suspended for one series - a change in the rules which will be adopted in the American remake of Gladiators in 2008.
Youdale developed her young fan base, becoming a childrens television presenter as "The Games Mistress" on the video game show series Games World, and as a presenter on the game show series' You Bet! & Finders Keepers.

A bulimic in her teenage years, Youdale trained as a psychotherapist and studied with leading training company GB Fitness in Personal Training and Nutrition, while also running Pilates classes during the week and developing Personal Trainers. In April 2007 she appeared on the Trisha Goddard show on Five and in September 2007 she was correctly identified as a Gladiator on the BBC2 quiz show Identity. She also appeared on the Irish TV show The Cafe.
Youdale married, and resided for a period in the London area as she trained in physiotherapy. After separation and divorce, she now lives in Manchester with her boyfriend, Andy

Diane Youdale

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