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Janet Ellis (born 16 September 1955) is a television presenter and former actress, who appeared on BBC children's television during the 1980s. She is perhaps best remembered as a presenter on Blue Peter, a role she won after hosting the award-winning children's programme Jigsaw. She has three children, the singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor (born 1979), Jackson Ellis Leach (born 1987) and Martha-Rose Ellis Leach (born 1991).

Ellis was educated at Richmond County School for Girls.[citation needed] Her first television appearance was a bit part in The Sweeney. Her big break came in 1979, when she played Teka in the Doctor Who story The Horns of Nimon.

Ellis joined Blue Peter on 28 April 1983, and during her four-year stint, co-presented with Simon Groom, Sarah Greene, Peter Duncan, Michael Sundin, Mark Curry and Caron Keating. She immediately become a hit with the teen and pre-teen viewership.

During her tenure on Jigsaw and Blue Peter, Ellis was particularly popular with male viewers, She is regularly cited by viewers as the most attractive children's TV presenter of her era.[citation needed] Referring to an episode of Jigsaw, comedian Richard Herring observes that "many men of my age have very similar memories of the awakening of their sexual desire thanks to the rather low cut dress that Janet Ellis was wearing".[

Janet Ellis

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