Cecilia Roth NUDE

Cecilia Roth (born Cecilia Rotemberg on August 8, 1958 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine actress. Her father, a Ukrainian Jew, worked as an editor and a journalist. He met Cecilia's mother, Chilean singer Dina Rot, in Argentina. Cecilia Roth has made appearances in numerous television series. After working in Argentina in several films she moved to Spain, where she started a frequent collaboration with filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. Roth went on to appear in six of his movies to date, either as lead, supporting actor or cameo.She lived with Argentine musician Fito Páez for some years, with whom she adopted a child. She is also the sister of another Argentine musician, Ariel Rot, member of the former Los Rodríguez band. Cecilia Roth is currently one of the most popular Spanish language actresses, working in films from Argentina, Spain and Mexico.

Cecilia Roth

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