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Dawn Porter (born 23 January 1979, Guernsey) is a British television presenter and writer.
Dawn Porter was raised in Guernsey. Her mother died three days before her seventh birthday, and so was raised by her aunt. Porter studied at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts before also training as a journalist. Porter then became a reporter/presenter for BBC Radio Humberside and then joined BBC Radio 5 Live.

Porter made her TV debut in the Channel 4 comedy show Balls of Steel, which saw her testing the morals of British men. More recently, she attempted to slim down to a size zero by using drastic dieting regimes for the BBC documentary Super Slim Me, highlighting the media and fashion world's obsession with thin models and actresses. Porter also presents the product-testing section of How to Look Good Naked on Channel 4.

Porter has a publishing deal with Virgin Books for her novel Diaries of an Internet Lover - an in-depth journal of her experiences of meeting people on the Internet, which has been published in German, Dutch and Portuguese.

In 2008 she presented a BBC Three series of four documentary films exploring attitudes to nudity, lesbianism, dating and pregnancy & childbirth.[1]

Porter moved from London to Los Angeles in January 2008 to film a new documentary series for Channel 4.[2] The first confirmed subjects are "extreme dieting", the negative impact of the "throw-away culture" on the environment,[3] the United States Marine Corps, extravagant LA lifestyles, teenage gangs, and the deaf.

Dawn Porter

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