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Debbie King (born Deborah Cantor[1][2] May 31, 1977 in Leeds, West Yorkshire) is a British television presenter. King was one of the original presenters on the late night ITV game show Quizmania, which she also created along with Chuck Thomas and Simone Thorogood[3].

King worked as a researcher and Assistant Producer for Granada TV’s This Morning, Planet 24’s The Big Breakfast, Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel and BBC1’s "A Family of My Own". As a young reporter, King was sent to interview leading politicians such as Ken Livingstone and Glenda Jackson.

In March 2007, Debbie King opened the TV Channel Game in TV (Channel 283). She also presented "" and "Talk About" on Sky, "9 Live" on E4, Playzone on Game in TV and ITV's "Celebrity Knickers" with Linda Lusardi and her own 8-part series of "King Of The Road" for the now defunct Exchange & Mart TV before creating and presenting Quizmania.

On 22 December 2006 Debbie King was a guest on Matthew Bannister's show on BBC Radio Five Live and has appeared on TalkSPORT's Mike Mendoza show on numerous occasions, either as a studio guest or on the phone.

Quizmania's final broadcast was aired on January 14, 2007 and it was replaced by Play DJ Late.

Debbie King

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