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Gabrielle Drake (born 30 March, 1944) is a British actress who was born in Lahore, Pakistan and lived in several Far East countries (including Burma where her brother, the late singer/songwriter Nick Drake, was born).

Drake attended Edgbaston College for Girls, Wycombe Abbey School and RADA. She is a classically-trained actress with extensive experience in Shakespearean plays, but is perhaps best known for her portrayal of the iconic Lt. Gay Ellis in the 1970 science fiction television series UFO. In the series, the character of Lt. Ellis worked on Moonbase, which was Earth's first line of defence against invading flying saucers.

The costumes worn by Drake and her female co-stars included grey catsuits and mauve or purple-coloured wigs (the practical reason for which was never explained in the series).

One of the best-remembered cast members of the series, Drake only appeared in about half the 26 episodes produced, leaving the series midway through production to pursue other opportunities. Some of her better-known films include There's a Girl in My Soup opposite Peter Sellers, Au Pair Girls and a 1985 made-for-TV version of The Importance of Being Earnest.

She has also appeared in a number of British television series, including Coronation Street, The Brothers, The Avengers, The Kelly Monteith Show and Crossroads. She continues to perform in theatre and makes occasional film and TV appearances.

Gabrielle Drake

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