Heather Jay Jones NUDE

Heather Jay Jones Movies
End of the Affair, The (1999) (as Heather Jay Jones) [Henry's Maid] <4>
Fallen Curtain, The (1999) (TV) [Girl At Party] <17>
Smiths, The (1995) (TV) (as Heather Jones) [Debbie Smith] <4>
"Bill, The" (1984) {Say It with Flowers (#16.46)} [Jessie Cooper]
"Jonathan Creek" (1997) {No Trace of Tracy (#1.4)} (as Heather Jones) [Tracy Cook] <2>
"London's Burning" (1988) [Zoe (2000-2001)]
"Peak Practice" (1993) {A Normal Life (#3.9)} (as Heather Jones) [Josie Davis] <4>
"Vice, The" (1999) {Daughters: Part 1 (#1.1)} [Natasha Hinkley]
"Vice, The" (1999) {Daughters: Part 2 (#1.2)} [Natasha Hinkley]

Heather Jay Jones Other Works
TV commercial for British Telecom (1997)

Heather Jay Jones Trivia
She was the first person to ever perform on the BBC's 'Top of the Pops' without a record deal.

Heather Jay Jones

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