Kate Hardie NUDE

Before coming to the NFTS, I’d worked as an actress since the age of fourteen. But it has always been more my love of writers and words than a love of acting that really interested me in film, TV and plays. I have always written (in the privacy of me own home and the odd cafe) but, up until this point, not professionally. So it took me some time to pluck up the courage to apply to the NFTS.

My first feature script, This is Our Life, written while I was at the School, was optioned last year, by APT films. And there is currently interest from some well-established production companies, producers, and directors for my next scripts.

At the School I’ve also written a short film, a 10-minute play, developed a TV series idea, script edited last year’s graduation film The Wrong Sea and co-wrote The King of London. I’ve begun a feature script, Memorial. And have helped out with advice on a few others.

Kate Hardie

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