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Katy Manning (born 14 October 1949 in Guildford, Surrey, England)[1] is a British actress best known for her part as the companion Jo Grant in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who.[2] She has also made many theatre appearances, and is now a citizen of Australia.[3] She is famously myopic
Manning's father was sports columnist J. L. Manning. As the result of a car accident, she spent a year in hospital at sixteen and at eighteen went to America where she was offered a five-year contract with MGM. Returning to England, Manning trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art[5], then joined a Wolverhampton repertory company and made her debut in "Man At The Top" (1970).

She married Raynor Burton in 1975, but the marriage lasted only two months. She gave birth to twins, Jonathan and Georgina, in 1978 with former partner Dean Harris whom she separated from in 1981. She has been with current partner Barry Crocker since 1990.

[edit] Doctor Who
She played the part of Jo from 1971 to 1973 alongside Jon Pertwee's incarnation of the Doctor. Manning struck up an immediate rapport with her co-stars, Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier), John Levene (Sergeant Benton), Richard Franklin (Captain Mike Yates), and Roger Delgado (the Master). Fans of Doctor Who often refer to these characters as the UNIT family — UNIT, the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, being the fictional United Nations squad that the Doctor worked for. Manning moved to Australia and was also seen in a famous Ruby Wax segment with longtime childhood friend Liza Minnelli.

Manning's connection with "Doctor Who" continues: She voices Jo Grant in the Companion Chronicles Audio Adventures, and she is also the voice of the Time Lady Iris Wildthyme in several of the Big Finish Productions audio plays. In 1978 she aroused controversy when she posed naked with an original Dalek prop for the glamour magazine Girl Illustrated.[7] In 2005 Manning also appeared in Doctor Who - Inside The TARDIS with two of the doctors, Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker, where they spoke of their experiences with the long-running show

Katy Manning

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