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Lara Wendel (* 29th March In 1965 in Munich; actually, Daniela Rachele Barnes) is an actress and photographic model of American-German descent(origin) which was active, first of all, in Italy. After the law position only an American citizenship is possible at the time of their(her) birth. { American ones} [1].

Lara Wendel is the daughter of the American actor Walter Barnes temporarily also active in Germany and the German Britta Barnes born spiral which, just as Lara Wendel Bruder Michael Barnes, in the early 1970s years played some small rolls(roles) in Italian films. { Walter Barnes}

As three-year-olds Lara Wendel came from Germany to Italy where she(it) already stepped at the age of five years as a photographic model to the public. From 1972 to 1974 she(it) still helped under their(her) bourgeois(civil) name Daniela Rachele Barnes or Daniela Barnes in several Italian films as a children's actress. In bloodlust (1973) she(it) appeared together with their(her) mother and their(her) brother. She(it) used the pseudonym Lara Wendel (after a combination of the last both letters of their(her) first first name Daniela, the first both letters of their(her) second first name Rachele and the birth name of their(her) mother) for the first time in the Italian German coproduction turned published 1976 in 1977 to games we love (alternative title: Maladolescenza). Here she(it) excited special sensation, because she(it) was to be seen – at the shooting time only eleven years old – in generous Naked and Softsex scenes with Martin Loeb. In uncut version this film already controversial since his(its) first performance is forbidden in Germany since 2006 judicially.

Their(Her) image as a nymphet (including to naked scenes) developed them(her,it) during the following years still with films like Mimi – a bourgeois(civil) drama (1979), Desideria (1980) and September Morning (1981). In 1985 she(it) was to be seen in the second relay of the successful TV serial alone against the Mafia, later she(it) also appeared in horror films like Killing Birds (1987) and Ghosthouse (1988). Their(her) perhaps most important leading part had them(her,it) in 1987 in Intervista of Federico Fellini.

Near their(her) activity as an actress Lara Wendel was also known as a photographic model, first of all, with erotic admissions. In the February issue in 1985 of the Italian playboy she(it) is to be seen on the title photo, the German issue of the playboy brought in September, 1985, the American issue in November, 1992 a pictorial report about them(her,it). In 1992 Lara Wendel from the public withdrew.

Lara Wendel

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