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Lisa Scott-Lee (born 5 November 1976 in St Asaph, Denbighshire, Wales) is a Welsh singer-songwriter and graduate of the Italia Conti Academy stage school, who is best known for her five years with the successful UK pop group, Steps.

Scott-Lee is best known for her five years with the successful UK pop group, Steps. The group, which came together in 1997 and had 14 top 10 singles in the UK, split up on Boxing Day 2001.
Scott-Lee spent a short time managing her three younger brothers, including Andy, in a group of their own called 3SL. After little success they were dropped from their label, and split up.

Scott-Lee decided she would go solo and was signed to Mercury Records. She stepped back into the limelight in April 2003 with her debut single, "Lately", which she co-wrote. The single was released on 12 May 2003 and pulled into the singles chart at a respectable number 6.

On 8 September 2003 Scott-Lee released her second single (which she also co-wrote), "Too Far Gone", which entered the charts at number 11.

Mercury parted company with Scott-Lee when they feared her success might be limited. She was left without a record company. As a result her album, "Unleashed", was cancelled, although promotional samplers had already been released.

Scott-Lee went on to be featured in the Girls of FHM music video for "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" in the summer of 2004, all the while preparing to release a new single.

The single, "Get It On", was a collaboration between Intenso Project and herself. At the time the song was created they had yet to score a record deal for the song and were forced to self-fund the video. Eventually Ministry of Sound picked the song (just the song, not them as a group or Scott-Lee as a solo act) up and it was released on 28 November 2004. Despite numerous personal appearances and various promotional events, the song charted at number 23. The 'Get It On' music video was ranked in the FHM top 100 sexiest music videos.

Lisa Scott Lee

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