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Liza Goddard (born 20 January 1950, in Smethwick, West Midlands) is an English actress, best known for her work in the 1970s and 1980s, and distinctive plummy voice. In Australia, Goddard is best known for her role as Clancy in the childrens' TV show of the 1960's, Skippy.

She is the daughter of the British producer David Goddard and attended Farnham Girls' Grammar School, before he moved the family to Australia when she was 15 upon his appointment as Head of Drama at the Australian Broadcasting Commission.

[edit] Career
Goddard made her television debut on Australian TV in the childrens' show, Skippy. After returning to the UK in 1969 as an adult, she appeared as Victoria in Take Three Girls (1969), and then its sequel Take Three Women (1982). She also had a supporting role in the 1972 movie Ooh, You Are Awful, which included a brief nude scene.[1] Her career breakthrough was as April in The Brothers (1972-76), which also featured her first husband, Colin Baker.

A series of comedy roles in sitcoms followed, with parts in Pig in the Middle (1980), played a space pirate in the 1983 Doctor Who story Terminus, and appeared in Roll Over Beethoven (1985). Goddard appeared in Woof!, a Children's ITV programme first aired in 1989. This long-running series told the adventures of a schoolboy who turned into a dog at any given time; his efforts to conceal his secret from his parents were aided by his teacher Mrs Jessop, played by Goddard. Her husband, producer and director David Cobham, created this series and showcased Goddard's talents to a whole new generation of fans. She had earlier appeared in the TV adaptation of Brendon Chase, also produced and directed by Cobham.

For many years, she was also the female team leader on long-running quiz/panel show Give Us A Clue, replacing another actress Una Stubbs in the role.

She appeared as Laurel Manasotti, who had an affair with Jimmy Mulville's character Donald, in the ITV sitcom That's Love.

She later had a recurring role as Philippa Vale in Bergerac. Her most recent recurring television role was alongside Dawn French and Catherine Tate in Wild West. In 2007 she appeared in the Midsomer Murders episode "A Picture of Innocence", reuniting her with Bergerac star John Nettles.

Liza Goddard

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