Sabrina Ferilli NUDE

Sabrina Ferilli (born 28 June 1964 in Rome, Italy) is an Italian theater and movie actress.
Ferilli's father was the speaker of the Lazio regional council of the Italian Communist Party. Ferilli was herself clearly influenced by her father’s political orientation and activism, making no secret of her own leftism.

Ferilli starred in several movies and TV series since the mid 1980s, as well as debuting in theater plays. While her popularity stems in large part from her movie acting, theater always remained her real passion.

Upon leaving school, Ferilli first was rejected by Rome's Experimental Cinematography Centre. She subsequently took elocution lessons and meanwhile managed to win bit parts in films, striving not to become embroiled in the trash sexy films for which her voluptuous body made her an obvious choice. Ferilli's career started when she worked in the renowned Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome and participated in the local drama circuit. Her first lead part, which may be considered the role of her lifetime, was in Americano Rosso (The Red American) in 1990. It would subsequently bring about further leads. Her career was particularly propelled further by Marco Ferreri’s Diario di un Vizio (Diary of a Maniac) in 1993, which won the Critics Award at the Berlin Film Festival. Unfortunately, she soon struggled to find good film roles and ended up appearing in second rate flicks. On Italian TV however, she became very popular, mainly due to Giorgio Capitani's hit series Commesse (1999).

Ferilli was married to the Italian lawyer Andrea Perone from 2003 to 2005.

Sabrina Ferilli

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